Is GCC a licensed and insured business?

Yes, our insurance is underwritten by Hiscox

What makes Gold Class Cleaning different from other cleaning companies?

As strange that it may sound but we actually love and enjoy cleaning and we only have housekeepers with the same mindset and philosophy. Nothing gives us more pleasure than checking over a final inspection of a clean, seeing what a good job we have done and then receiving positive feedback.

Who will provide the cleaning materials?

Gold Class Cleaning will provide high quality cleaning products tailored to meet the needs of your home, including colour coded clothes for the sole use of your home. We refrain from using products that can lead to discolouration such as bleach. However if you wish that we use cleaning products containing bleach we can agree to your requests, following a signed agreement.
We do not provide mops, vacuum cleaners or brooms as we feel that these items are personal to each household, unless you request us to do so.


Yes, Gold Class Cleaning will work alongside pets providing that this is the owners wish and providing that pets do not pose a threat to housekeepers. It is preferred that pets are kept, or can be moved away from where cleaning products are present.

Do I need to clean up before my cleaning?

It is surprising how many people ask this question, no!! all we suggest is if there are clothes and clutter that our housekeeper would not know where to place, you could remove them so we can get on with the hard work. If something looks fragile or broke we will not move it, just clean around it.

Will you do my ironing?

Yes, we are happy to do your ironing either within a general clean time or a dedicated time slot along with your clean, depending on how much ironing needed.

How do I pay for your services?

Most clients prefer to pay via standing order on a weekly or monthly basis. However, if you prefer, we will except a cash payment on the day of the clean.

How much do you charge?

Our base rate is £20. One of our experts will visit your home and provide you with a written ‘no obligation’ quote based on your needs and requirements.

Is your service guaranteed?

GCC provide 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If something you are not satisfied with your service, please notify us within 24 hours of the cleaning and we will send the team back out at our expense to correct the problem.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

We understand last minute interference sometimes occurs. We just ask that you provide us with 48 hours’ notice and we will do our best to fit in with your requirements.

Do you use eco-friendly products?

Upon request, at an additional cost.

Do I need to be home?

That is up to your own discretion. We understand you may not be at home for our agreed times. We are happy to hold keys and alarm codes, which will be kept safe. We will work to your individual requirements.

Is there a minimum amount of hours?

Yes, we do require a minimum of 2 hours. Generally we will work in pairs, as most larger homes will require 3-6 hours. Each housekeeper is paid per hourly rate discussed at first meeting.

Will I meet the cleaner who will be cleaning my house?

Yes, you will be introduced to a housekeeper(s) that will provide excellent service, whom you will feel comfortable with, someone who will respect and care for your privacy and valuable possessions. We make every effort to schedule you with the same housekeeper(s) each time.

How do I know I can trust your housekeeper in my home?

Rest assured that all of our cleaners have passed a criminal background check, been fully-trained, and are always under the guidance of our management. All our housekeeper will sign a confidentiality agreement for each property.

What if there is a breakage?

Whilst we endeavor to take the utmost care of your belongings, breakages do sometimes occur. We will make every effort to find a replacement if repairs are not possible.