End of build clean

Our after new construction, extension or renovation it is very important to rid your home of dust and debris especially if you have small children, pets or family members with respiratory problems. It is recommended that you may need to let the dust settle for up to two weeks before you have a professional clean. It is important not to sweep the dust as this will generate dust into the air allowing it to travel all around your house.

We will start with removing any large debris then vacuuming all surfaces including sofas, carpets curtains and any soft furnishings from top to bottom followed by wet wiping until all dust is erased, including the walls, only then will we begin to clean and sanitize your home thoroughly.

At all times we would need to open all doors and windows possible and suggest you keep as many open up to two hours after the clean. And recommend any small children or any members of the family with respiratory problems not to be present at time of clean.

We only use professional cleaning products, cutting no cost, all of which comply with government regulations.