Domestic Clean

Great explorer of the truth sed, the master builder of human happiness.

Deep clean

Our deep clean will cover all areas that are generally not reached during a regular clean.

Disinfectant Clean

Gold Class Cleaning approach a disinfectant clean with PH neutral cleaning products that will kill MRSA and 99.999% of bacteria, safe yet effective !

Commercial Clean

Its important to keep your workplace sanitised, the average desk contains about 400 times more germs than a toilet seat, cold & flu viruses can last from one to seven days. We use products that kill MRSA and 99.999% of bacteria

End of build clean

It is extremely important to rid your home of any dust and debris left behind.

End of tenancy clean

We will work to the agreement of tenant or landlord and get the property completely up to standard.


Gold Class Cleaning will listen to your requirements and advise accordingly.

Home Staging

Selling your home, first impressions are imperative, so let Gold Class Cleaning get your home ready to impress.