We will walk through each room as prospective buyers and advise you how each room could benefit from enhancing, decluttering, maybe adding a throw, rearranging furniture to give maximum space, advice on any repairs that may stand out, things that have become normal to yourself will stand out to prospective buyers. If your carpets rugs need deodorising, mask any pet odours. If you have a spare room that is used for storage could we arrange it into a purpose use room.

The best way to present your home is to slightly depersonalise it, reducing the amount of personal belonging’s such as photos, ornaments, toys etc. We will work hand in hand with your requirements and present you with a professional plan, we will also advise you with tips before a viewing and how to stage your home. Tips on how to arrange towelling, bedding etc. giving your home that magical touch.

We only use professional cleaning products, cutting no cost, all of which comply with government regulations.